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Dressed In Hope is a charity whose goal is to help extremely impoverished children around the world by highlighting the critical need for better educational opportunities for girls and by sewing and delivering simple, hand-made dresses and small "pocket dolls" to poor girls who are in desperate need.

We operate under the guiding principle that wherever we live, no matter what our status, religion, or background, we are one global family, responsible for each other. Our mission is accomplished each time one of our gifts puts a smile on a child's face, or allows a girl to enter school, thereby providing her with a glimmer of hope for a brighter future.

We proudly affiliate with several carefully researched 501(c)3 organizations, such as Simone’s Kids and BeadforLife and we are the Florida representative for Dress A Girl Around The World.

We enthusiastically invite you to explore our website, then ask you join our effort to help children, who are so desperately in need of our assistance.